Go-to-market strategy

The objective of "Go-to-market" studies is to build a detailed commercial strategy to drive achievable penetration in a target market. The development of a target organization backed by quantified resources is key to meeting time-to-market objectives.

In the wake of its strategic positioning studies, IAC Partners assists its industrial clients in the operationalization of their business strategy.

Our sector expertise combined with our field experience in project support guarantees the relevance and achievability of our recommendations.

The design of a pragmatic commercial strategy encompasses 5 main activities:

  • Selection of offer(s) to roll out and definition of corresponding time-to-market targets per sub-market segment
  • Building of associated revenue model projection over the coming years
  • Definition of the target organization and needed resources to deploy the strategy - gap with current status and action plan to fill the gap
  • Assessment of effort versus targeted revenues, ROI & payback calculation
  • Development of prioritized list of leads to be targeted

Our teams are also able to support setting up partnerships or assess the relevance of acquisition targets when organic growth alone is not enough to meet the desired timetable for business expansion.

Tangible results at each mission

Tangible results at each mission
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