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  • Support during the introduction of a new ERP system

Support during the introduction of a new ERP system

The client

A European manufacturer of cooling systems for the industry

Our client designs and installs industrial cooling systems. Their margin has been declining for 3 years. The diagnosis made by IAC Partners puts this loss in profitability down to two factors.The time spent on a project is higher than the forecast due to lack of monitoring. Also, projects are unusually long because customer information is not transferred from one department to another.

Our customer has decided, with the support of IAC Partners, to implement an ERP system that will be shared by all departments. The system must be operational within 6 months.

The actions of IAC Partners are based on 4 pillars:

  • Mapping of processes, tools and needs of the departments
    • Interviews with management, operational decision-makers and staff
    • Bringing-in and summarizing good practices
  • Definition of new target processes
    • Co-construction and validation of new processes with the teams 
    • Creation of workflows with before and after overview
  • Selection of the ERP and development support
    • Benchmark of the existing ERP system
    • Preparation of technical specifications
    • Write the test process
    • Selection of the system integrator and bid invitation
  • Hyper-care support to improve customer autonomy
    • Write shared documentation and prepare documentation plan
    • Organization of training units and development of training videos
    • On-site hyper-care support during the first month, remote support during the second month

Six months after the ERP implementation the following improvements were noted:

-The average billing delay dropped from 90 to 25 days.

-The average project duration decreased by 11%.

-Delivery delays decreased by 40%.