Case studies

More than 30 years of concrete achievements at the service of your competitiveness

Identify 20% savings to restore the profitability of an already certified and qualified aeronautical program

A French tier 1 equipment manufacturer, a major global player in aeronautics.

Pilot the Design-To-Cost of a new range of truck cabs

One of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of trucks.  

Control the Design-To-Cost of a radar to reduce the cost of ownership by 50%.

A world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic defense devices.

Reduce CAPEX / OPEX / delays of a nuclear site decommissioning project by 20%.

A historical world leader in the nuclear sector.

Control the Design-To-Cost of a medical equipment to reduce costs by 50%

A global player in dental imaging equipment.

Transfer the entire production of electronic boards in a short period of time

A world leader in medical imaging.

Run a Redesign-To-Cost project for a regional train to ensure the program's profitability

A global railway player and pioneer in high-speed rail.

Animate a Design-To-Cost project for a missile thruster and win a call for tenders

A European defense actor.

Improving the competitiveness of a closet door manufacturer

A major player in France and in Europe on the closet door market.

Develop and optimize a wind turbine offer to become the leader in a segment

A world leader in onshore and offshore turbine manufacturing.

Lead a ReDesign-To-Cost project of a range of products around a common technical platform

A Brazilian leader in household appliances.

Improve the competitiveness of a photovoltaic installation offer

A leading company in the manufacture of electricity management and automation solutions.

Control the modular design of a range of inverters

One of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) for the petroleum, gas, power generation and transportation industries.

Supporting a major defense player on its procurement transformation programme

A European defense actor

Regain competitiveness on a weapon system already in service

A major defence player

Optimize the production process to win a call for tenders

A major defence player

Launch a Redesign-to-Cost project on a range of IFF transponders

One of the key players in the manufacturing of electronic equipment for the aerospace industry

Boost the productivity of an aeronautical equipment manufacturer

An aeronautical equipment manufacturer

Addressing a robust claim of 2M€ to the contractor of a structural work

A major infrastructure manufacturer

Implement Design-To-Cost Methodology on the disposable card of a PCR testing instrument to reduce costs by 65%

A major medical devices manufacturer