Joining IAC Partners means supporting large industrial groups, all over the world, to reach competitiveness excellence


Armin, Principal

"As a Principal, my goal is to pass on my commitment to customer service and excellence to each new arrival."

Role & Responsabilities

  • Managers at IAC Partners are responsible for one or several projects.
  • They ensure the missions are conducted to the highest level of excellence, with the Senior and Consultants they supervise.
  • As experts in one or several industrial sectors, Managers are responsible of writing technical and commercial proposals to customers.
  • Managers participates in the firm’s management committees.

Discover the career path of Armin

What does Principal at IAC Partners consist of?


I supervise consulting projects by collaborating with various Senior Consultants. I ensure the project’s proper execution, participate in the steering committee and offer our services to new clients. No day is the same!

What is the state of mind at IAC Partners?


We give our teams a great deal of freedom. Even with four offices, missions in Europe, Asia, the United States and South America, we all know each other and everyone can launch initiatives that will benefit the community. My role as Manager is not only to ensure that projects are well managed, but also to maintain an excellent atmosphere within the teams and to help them progress.

Any examples?


The DREAM (Day of Return on Experience and Ability Management) allows us, once a month, to meet up with everyone to share about our projects and launch internal initiatives. The last initiative taken was that our consultants will be fully in charge of the layout of our future offices.

The last word?


We also have two seminars, one in the mountains in winter and the other in the Paris region in summer.